How To Stop Fighting About Money Problems in Marriage
When my husband and I married, we mutually designated yours truly as CFO. And every month, my heart rate accelerated as I reconciled our poverty-line income with a pile of tilting receipts.

I'd procrastinate, which is unusual for me (unless you consider my love/mostly hate relationship with math). I despised worrying about every expenditure. Guardianship burdened me; I loathed playing the killjoy if my exhausted husband wanted to catch a movie. I hated fighting about money....

I tell you this because resolving our tension around money wasn't actually about the money. Author Sheila Heen reports that 18 months following their win, UK lottery winners were roughly as happy or unhappy as before.
Spoiler alert: The core of your money problems wouldn't actually be solved if you had more.
Does Keeping Secrets Make a Marriage Unhealthy?
Does keeping secrets in marriage make it inherently unhealthy? Over our years of marriage, and our years counseling married and engaged couples, we've found the answer to be both nuanced and subjective. The truth is, the idea that a couple should never keep secrets sounds and feels good at the surface level–but can a marriage really handle an overflow of transparency at all times?
Traveling through Difficult Seasons
My dad officiated my wedding. I vividly remember him sharing a story about an older couple who had lots of disagreements. He used the story as an illustration that there would be days when Blake and I didn't see eye to eye. He explained that storms would come our way, and he challenged us to make a habit of getting on our knees together to pray because that's the best way to see eye to eye. As a smitten young couple, we couldn't even imagine storms. All we could see were clear skies and sunny days.
7 Ways to Renew Joy In Your Marriage
Daily life is hectic, and it's a little too easy to forget to live joyfully in the midst of busyness. In marriage as in the rest of life, cultivating joy is essential. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort to make sure we're giving time and effort to joy.
Critical Spirit?

Are you struggling with being crictical? Pastor Josh shares a formula to help lessen a critical spirit.

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