Break these Habits & Feel More Connected
Do you have any habits that negatively effect your relationship? Maybe you have a tendency to leave your wet towel on the bed, while your spouse leaves all the drawers and cabinets hanging open. Sure, these habits might get on each other's nerves, but in most cases they're surface level offenses and not actually detrimental to the quality of your relationship.

What's more concerning are habits that seem pretty innocuous in passing, but that sneakily steal away moments of connection. Done once or twice, here and there, they probably aren't a big deal. But when they become your fallback, your relationship can take the brunt. Break these habits before they break your connection.
How You and Your Spouse Can Avoid Holiday Overwhelm Together
The holidays are here, and if you're like many other couples, you and your spouse may be feeling a bit overwhelmed already. After all, this time of year gets incredibly busy. There are gifts to buy, meals to prepare, family to visit, and a host of other obligations on your to-do list. If you're more apprehensive than excited about the weeks to come, you might need to take a fresh approach to celebrating this year.
Luckily, you and your spouse are a team. You can work together to avoid holiday overwhelm and make this a season to remember. Read on for some tips on how to create a more peaceful, less stressful holiday season with your spouse.
31 Days to a Happy Husband
Author Arlene Pellicane shares three things that spell respect to her husband: sexual intimacy, letting him lead, and praise. She also tells why having fun and doing activities with your spouse builds the relationship and opens doors of communication.
Being a Man in Your Marriage
What does it mean to be a man in your marriage? Dave Wilson shares not only what it means to be a godly husband, but also what wives need in a husband.
Quality Couple Time
Sixty Degrees guest speaker Ted Cunningham in session four discusses how couples should seek out rhythmic quality time together in their marriage.
Prioritizing Marriage
Sixty Degrees guest speaker Ted Cunningham in session three discusses how couples should eradicate the kids centered home! Find out what he means in his video teaching.
Avoiding Marital Drift
Sixty Degrees guest speaker Ted Cunningham in session two discusses how to avoid marital drift.
Enjoying Life Together
Sixty Degrees guest speaker Ted Cunningham in session one discusses the biblical understanding of what it looks like to enjoy life together in our Marriage.
An Ideal to Strive For: True Leadership in the Home
Mutual submission in marriage is like a dance floor. It is an open space where you have the freedom to move. It requires that the man and woman, each in a relationship with Christ as their Lord, come to each other not to take control but to serve. Each one asks, "How can I help you be successful? How can I express my love for you?" In this dance, the issue is not who takes the first step. It's the beauty of the movement itself.
Marriage: The Mission and Mystery
Seeing marriages fail can sometimes make a person wonder, "What's the point?" Pastor and author Jonathan Pokluda clearly explains marriage's purpose and design.
Marriage: Breakable, But Beautiful
Marriages are breakable, but worth fighting for. Pastor and author, Jonathan Pokluda teaches us about the greatest enemy of marriage and how to combat it.... Most of us get married to get, not to give.
Before Marriage:
5 Things You Don't Have to Know
That's the irony of putting off marriage until you're "ready." Yes, there are topics a young couple is wise to discuss, like faith traditions, pasts, and expectations. But many worries can be bypassed.
Real Love vs. Fake Love: What Does
Real Love Look Like?
Most of us got married because of how our spouse made us feel when we were together. We liked the feeling. So we said "I'll move in and wear a ring and share a house payment and have kids with you—as long as you keep making me feel that way."
... Most of us get married to get, not to give.
Marital Roles: 3 Things To Know
My biggest misconception? I assumed our marital roles of husband and wife had more to do with who cooks dinner or takes out the trash than how we each serve our marriage and home.
Quid Pro Quo... This for That
Quid Pro Quo or This for That." The world conveys a 50/50 myth about marriage. Join us at Sixty-Degrees as we debunk this myth.... Most of us get married to get, not to give.
I Feel Loved When...
Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself, or even told your spouse, "I feel most loved when you (fill in the blank)"? Josh shares a quick thought on showing love.
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