Challenges & Struggles
Treading Boldly Book
In Treading Boldly through a Pornographic World, Daniel Weiss and Josh Glaser offer practical and spiritual guidance for Christian parents seeking to help their teens navigate this pornographic digital landscape.
Combining the latest research with personal and professional experience to guide families into the goodness for which God created us all, the authors skillfully outline the steps necessary for parents to move beyond merely surviving pornography's challenges onto a rewarding path where their children can truly thrive.
Protect Your Child from Porn
with Josh Glaser
Pornography is the new drug and it's not just a problem for boys anymore. How can you protect your child from stumbling onto porn or from viewing it regularly? Author Josh Glaser is here to help us have those important (and yes awkward) conversations with our kids to protect them from seeing too much, too soon.
Taking Back Your Home From the Phone
Marketers spend millions of dollars everyday to entice us to our screens, so regular life doesn't always make the cut for our heart's attention. Arlene Pellicane shares how this affects our families.
Screens and Family
Is technology bringing your home together or pulling it apart? Arlene Pellicane shares five skills every kid should have and how you can build them into their lives.
Look Up!
When we look around today, we see most of the world absorbed in a screen. Arlene Pellicane points to the need for engaging in life by simply looking up.
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